Manis’s Planet Cazmo Cheats

Cheats and Glitches

Walk Underwater: Wear a skateboard and go underwater. There you go you are walking on water!

Money Trees: Hover your mouse over a tree. If it has a hand click on it and here comes money (sometimes you have to shake it more than once to get Money) Also the tree can only be shaken once in the whole time you are logged on. If u log on again you can go to the same tree! (Theres lots of Money Trees on Planet Cazmo)Heres the guide Money Tree Guide! (on sidebar)

Stand on Objects: Click on a bench e.g. then click it again! You are now standing on it!

Changing Rings: Blue=you     Yellow=buddy     No Ring= Not Buddy      Red= Ignored Cazmo

Pic By zAvEx

Make every single cazmo on the houses list your buddy: Click on the houses icon, then click all houses…then buddys houses, close the houses thing and click on your buddy list.  by Vendetta

How to get green outline: Go on a slow computer and when the room has loaded and your cazmo hasn’t you are outlined in green!(only at start when u log in)

Nub Above the Screen Bar: Click on the red dot shown in the picture you’ll be nubbing. by vendetta


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