Manis’s Planet Cazmo Cheats

Quest Guides

Owl Quest:

First go to the Town Hall, and speak to the Owl. Keep doing so after finishing each level.

Level 1: You could get the Cyclop’s Skull at Lake Cazmo, the Chalice of Eyes outside Body Shop, the Captive Snake at the Space Port at the corner, the Snailien in the Town Square, (It’s in a bush which to get to you have to go fully up on the right hand side.) the Optonomicon in the Playground, (where the DJ is) and The Map Of Wonder in the interrior part of the Garage.

Level 2 Same For Level 4, 5 and so on…: You could find the Snailien in the Cazmo Mall, in the tree next to the Clothing Shop, the Cyclop’s Skull in the Theater, ( On the right behind the stage) The Map Of Wonder in the Skateshop, the Captive Snake inside the Cazmo Club, the Chalice Of Eyes in Lake Cazmo, (you have to go top right in this room, and you will find it) and the Optonomicon in the Body Shop.

Level 3:

The Cyclop’s Skull is behind the Clothing Shop in the Cazmo Mall:

The Chalice Of Eyes is behind the Body Shop:

You could find the Captive Snake under the Money Tree near the Cazmo Club:

You could find the Map of Wonder in one of the bushes in the Neighborhood.It’s in the one next to the intergaltic house(blue one)

The Optonomicon is behind the trees with the eyes:

The Snailien is behind the Park sign in the Playground:

Pirate Quest: By jimbercane

To start this quest, go to the middle tile and speak to the animal. Here is a picture showing where you could get all the items. The outlined ones are the ones where you could get them:


  1. Location: Drinking location (purple)
  2. Place: Down-right

Treasure chest:

  1. Location: statue island
  2. Place: Middle


  1. Location: Sunset island
  2. Place: Right

Here is some pictures of where the items are in those places:

At the end, go to the spot that I outlined in the first picture. It is the spot which contains an arrow pointing to some words. When you reach there, go in the pirate ship, and talk to Pete. He will give you the suit. To wear the suit, click on the My Stuff icon, then then body icon, and then Pirate Suit. And there you have it. The full quest guide for you! Have fun!

Good Luck on your Quest! ARR!




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